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Photographer : Elodie Daguin, DA : Maison Tsay, Make-up : Anaëlle Trogno, Editing : Leo Lardy

For those who haven’t already seen it on social networks, I would like to show you my first capsule collection, in collaboration with the brand Louis Antoinette Paris ! A boyfriend syle shirt with a funky collar and wide trousers with a high waistline: two items I was dreaming about!

Today these two fantasized pieces of clothing are reality thanks to Julien Bonnet’s talent, Louis Antoinette Paris’ designer. With a mood-board and drawings, he crafted my ideas, and the designs came alive after only two fittings. I like the “cake slice” style 70’s collars. However, it isn’t the case for everyone, so we decided to have the same shirt design with three different collars: a simple masculine collar, a more fashionable Claudine collar and finally a funky one with 70’s spirit! This last one is inspired from the mouth of my visual identity: they are the two mouths facing each other, can you see them?

It isn’t about regular clothes you order online in your size. Can you believe that before this collection, the Louis Antoinette Paris brand only made “Do it Yourself” designs? (sewing pattern and kit, including the pattern and material necessary). You can buy the Elsa Muse shirt and trousers in this way if you’re a dressmaker.

However, for those unable to sew, items are now available in a prêt-à-porter version “on request”, hand sewn in France by a certified dressmaker of their community. Having a piece of clothing tailored by an amateur but nevertheless expert and passionate dressmaker, when you don’t have the skills to do it yourself; I believe it’s a great idea!


My little collection is made up of two items: The Haut Pantalon (high waistline trousers) and the Chemise aux Trois Cols (three collar shirt). Each of them is available in pattern only, or as a kit with the pattern and all the equipment necessary to carry them out, or else as a prêt-à-porter version. The shirt has three different collars. You need to choose one if you order the shirt already made, however the three are available on the shirt’s pattern.

Louis Antoinette Paris

A lot of articles talk about the Y generation, young thirty year olds with a “multi-potential” talent, tired of low wages, unsatisfied and who end up as entrepreneurs. Louis Antoinette Paris’ designers are exactly that!

Floriane, 31 years old, comes from the communication world, Romain, 32, comes from finance and Julien, 26, is a designer and works in a “maison de haute couture” simultaneously with Louis Antoinette.

Romain got the idea while helping out Julien to organise home couture classes during his fashion studies: “I saw Julien’s students’ profile, much younger and more modern than I imagined! While researching, I quickly noticed there was a gap between these new dressmakers keen to create current designs, and the dusty image associated with the couture world. I wanted to offer something more fresh and amusing”. A few months later, the Louis Antoinette concept came to life!

Floriane met Julien around that time thanks to a common friend. After only an hour, Floriane knew she was going to quit her current job to join them full time in their crazy adventure. They started by working in the evenings and at lunch times during the first 6 months and they ended up quitting their jobs to give 100% to the project. They financed it with their savings and a bank loan, before getting a French Tech grant from the BPI a few weeks later.

E-commerce award, grants, winner of the “LookForward” Moonshowroomprivé incubator, Louis Antoinette just can’t stop winning awards for their re-inventing of fashion!
Find them on their website and on instagram.
My associates in Maison Tsay and my photographer friend Elodie Daguin made the packaging visuals.

I am happy and proud to have been able to work with all these wonderful people on this great project and I hope above all that you like our work and collection!

You can buy them below 😉


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