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My ideal body

My friend Lise-Marie (who is always with me during my sport sessions) and I share many things as we are great friends, but if there’s one thing we would not like to share, it’s our calves. We are pretty good looking above the waist, and as we know that, we dress consequently with suits, trousers, but less and less dresses. It goes without saying that the knee-height skirt is forever banned! By the way, the last time I went out wearing a short skirt it turned out to be a traumatic experience. I was queuing up in front of the Silencio, when a few guys passed by in a car with the window down and, the exact words I heard were “What are those legs?!”.  I’m serious. I promise you I didn’t invent anything due to paranoia. It ruined by evening.

We don’t have thin legs. We don’t really know where that comes from, and we don’t know what to do about it, except laugh! Recently, I tried out aqua biking to really focus on that part of the body, at Aqua-by in le Marais. Firstly, cold water firms up your body, and the movements in the water massage you. I hope I see progress in the long term.

Also, because one bad thing usually leads to another, my legs are the only part of my body where my skin isn’t uniform. I can feel it, my skin is dry, sometimes even rough. It is lacking elasticity and flexibility. My skin texture isn’t smooth and my skin tone lacks harmony in certain places.

To fight the lack of firmness but above all the lack of uniformity and go with this new activity, I’m trying out the new line Vichy Ideal Body, which promises a more hydrated skin but also more uniform. Particularly, I use the Huile and Huile 3 Or which quickly penetrates the skin, nourishing, embellishing and illuminating the skin on my face, my body and my hair. In addition, it smells of bergamot orange, almond and of Ylang-Ylang. With my Princesse tam.tam two-piece swimsuit and the pool, I could nearly feel like it’s the summer!

In the Ideal Body products there are the same active principles as in face cares like the hyaluronic acid, some LHA that exfoliates and a mix of 10 fundamental oils. I’ve been using these products every day for 2 weeks now and my skin is more hydrated and smoother (less rough). After applying the oils, just like a light care for my body and face, they match my tone by blurring the imperfections and bringing immediate radiance to my skin thanks to a subtle pearly mix. In addition, the Huile protects my skin and my hair from the harmful effects of the chlorine water of the pool.

I am not yet certain I will go bare legs to my next party, but in any case, I have not resigned in my quest for the ideal body. If I also stop eating salt, do you think it will have an effect? Any advice?

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Photos are by Julie Perrot !

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