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Here is a small DIY I like a lot! I made it in collaboration with my friends from Paulette Magazine.  Charlotte Smith made the lettering you can download and Léna Piroux the skier gif going down the slope full throttle on my shoulder in the photo just below to illustrate the article. These two girls are just so good; I am fond of their work.

You will need:

A plain coloured sweater

A ball of wool

An automatic spool knitter (or not, for the brave ones)


A needle


A sheet of tracing paper

A pencil

The “Tout Schuss” pattern printed at your chosen size that you can download here.

Weave several cords of different lengths together with the spool knitter and print the Tout Schuss illustration the size you want. Trace the illustration with a pencil and transfer it onto the centre of the sweatshirt. To finish, you need to sow the cords along the letters with a needle and thread.

And voilà! Easy isn’t it? If there were more space on the sweater, I would have written “he who tries to be smart, falls in the ravine”, I love this expression from the mountains haha! By the way, speaking of mountains, there are only a few days left to find the edition “I am a tartiflette girl” by Paulette in newsagents. There is another DIY of mine with knitting in it.



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