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DIY Stella McCartney FW14/15 like

Here’s a DIY I made a couple of months ago and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! I show you how to customize a basic sweater à la Stella McCartney for next to nothing.

To reproduce this pretty piece from this winter’s collection, I used a knitting spool. As a kid, I used to spool knit with my grandma, and my knitting dolly was in the shape of a mushroom. What about you? This is not the one I used here, though – I preferred an automatic one. Well, there was quite a length to make, and I’m a busy girl! Here, with a few turns of the handle, you get a pretty thick cord – magical!

Budget: approximatively 20€

– an automatic spool knitter (if you don’t want to spend hours on it)

– a pair of scissors

– a needle

– a fork – red sewing thread

– red, white, and black cotton thread

1/ Knit several pieces of cord of different lengths. You can use ordinary wool but I find it prettier with red cotton thread.

2/ Spread the little ‘snakes’ evenly on the sweater. I tried to keep it more or less symmetrical but you’re free to do as you wish!

3/ Sew every ‘snake’ on the sweater with the needle and sewing thread.

4/ With a fork, make little pompoms of red, black and white cotton.

5/ The last thing to do is sew these pompoms at the end of each ‘snake’. And you’re done!

The first pic was shot by Solenne Jakovsky – check out her work here! <3


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