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To be blond or not to be

Do you remember my first article about my hair routine? A year later, you may take note: my haircut hasn’t changed, and this has been the case for years now. But I do have another capillary fixation that puts me through the wringer.

A blond fixation is what I mean.

I’ll fill you in … I worked in the marketing department of dye colouring, and I really believed what I wrote on the packs “natural effect”, “wonderful colour”, that in a corporate momentum, I took the plunge. I got green hair, and when I say, green, it’s actual green on my hair ends, already pretty blonde, and orange on the roots that were darker. So I cried, I was traumatized.

Just imagine. I want to be a bleached blonde, but I don’t want it to be noticeable.

A nice blond is a difficult balance to find, you’re never far from a bad impression.

You first need to find THE subtle tone between the blond too orange and the blond too green, which you have to agree, are not the best effects (my perfect tone, is 123 in colouration lingo. A shady light blonde, with iridescent reflects and a golden touch. A baby blond).

Also, the highlights need to be even but not too even, or you’ll end up with a bowl effect. You need to keep natural strands of hair to give depth, but not too much, or else you might end up with a motorway style highlight, which isn’t ideal.

And also, despite the rough time you give your hair, blond hair needs to stay healthy, shiny, smooth and soft, so as to avoid the straw effect.

Of course, you need to go to a good colourist, where every 3 months it knocks me back the equivalent of 1/3 of my rent. Therefore, being able to take care of my blond colour and space out appointments a maximum would be a blessing.

Girls, I found THE miracle solution.

A line of products perfectly fitting the name, the results are so divine. It’s called Blonde Angel by Kevin Murphy. No constraints, i.e. no waiting, either for hair washing or care, and the purple rinses off very easily. It’s a pleasure to use thanks to a captivating smell and a good lathering agent. But above all, the yellow tints are instantly controlled, and my blond becomes cold and subtly iridescent. Alleluia! As well as neutralising the colour, the conditioner untangles your hair immediately. Thank you St Kevin, you heard my prayers. (The photo of the outcome is here after only using the products the day they were presented in Andréa Soldano)

Also, once a month, for depth but targeted care, I leave the Color Lustre by Shu Uemura for 15 minutes to revive the colour and intensely nourish the fibre. It’s a bit like an at home colourist. But be careful, everything isn’t perfect because if the purple is left on too long, yellow hair can turn grey… Pfffiou In fact, you cannot be too blond to master the art of the beautiful blond.

I am coming to the end of my Kevin Murphy products so I will run to Bon Marché to get some more. What? You want to try the products but can’t go to Bon Marché? No problem, by answering these questions, you can win the whole line of products!

What is your capillary focus and which Kevin.Murphy product could solve this issue?

Answer this question by commenting this article and remember to leave your email address. The draw will take place on Sunday evening. The winner will receive a Blonde Angel shampoo and care.

Oh and I exaggerate, they are not only sold in Bon Marché, but also in several hair salons. If you want to find the closest one to you so as to benefit from a proper diagnosis of your hair and to find your capillary needs, you can call:


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