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Morning wrinkles

It’s hard to admit but it’s true: I have ‘morning wrinkles’. They disappear after an hour, but they come back every morning, and it started a few months ago. Their favorite spot is under my left eye, almost vertically… how odd is that?!

I sleep on my stomach or on the side, with my left cheek crushed against the pillow, deep into the softness of cotton. That’s how I get my freaking wrinkle! If I try to push my cheek up with my hand, the same wrinkle appears. If I don’t do anything to change that, it will become a permanent wrinkle. That would be a strange mark on my face, and an asymmetrical one on top of that!

The only way to prevent it is sleeping on my back and stay still all night long: honestly, that’s impossible. I tried that last night, and I couldn’t sleep: I didn’t know where to put my arms, I couldn’t relax, and all I wanted to do was burrow under the duvet and bury my face in the pillow! Grrr…
I recently learnt that most Asian women sleep on their backs. They got it all right: no sun, 36 steps to their beauty routine, sleeping on the back… we’re waaay behing, girls!

Anyway, this is getting me down. My youth is flying away, I’m starting to think that it’s already over.

What about you? Do you ever think about it? How do you sleep? Any tips?


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